Caregivers can help your loved one continue to stay active in their hobbies, whether that is knitting, cards, walking, or anything else. Our caregivers are always up for a nice chat and love hearing our clients reminisce about their lives. Social interaction helps decrease the feeling of isolation that many seniors have and can help with depression, which is prevalent in this age group.

Grocery shopping

Caregivers can help with grocery shopping, with or without your loved one accompanying them.  They can pick up prescriptions, make post office runs, and help with routine personal errands.

Meal preparation

Caregivers help plan and prepare meals, follow special diets, provide any eating assistance needed, and clean up afterwards.

Personal care

Caregivers can help with more intimate, non-medical care needs. We are here to make everyday life more manageable, whether it is for the challenges of aging or recovery from a hospital stay.

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Full list of Services

It all starts with an in-home assessment from a licensed physical therapist. We perform a comprehensive assessment to determine your loved one’s needs and form a plan of care together with you and your loved one. We will discuss specific goals, a daily schedule, budget and pricing, the implementation process, and on-going communication.